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Who wants to have to reach for Sky just to watch Mad Men?

By Jane Graham

It's had more column inches than any other drama series this year and is likely to be the most universally lauded show of 2012.

So after 18 months of feverish anticipation - would Don really marry his secretary? What would Joan be wearing? Could Peggy stand it much longer? - how many of us actually tuned in to the new series of Mad Men? Around 72,000. In TV terms then, no one.

I don't believe, as some do, that this proves how over-promoted and irrelevant to British viewers Mad Men is. It is brilliant - sexy, unpredictable, complicated, funny - and justifies the hype every damn week.

What depresses me is that most of the 355,000 who watched religiously when it was on BBC Four have clearly been deprived of a show they loved because Sky waved dollar bills in TV execs' faces.

So, one more reason to resent Rupert Murdoch. Like we needed another.


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