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Whose death should make the news on the BBC?

By Jane Graham

Fascinating to see the leaked BBC ‘death list’ this week, with details of which high-profile deaths warrant immediate news flashes or just consideration as ‘major breaking news’.

Predictably, and risibly, all four ‘premier category one’ figures are royals — the Queen, Prince Phil, William and Charlie. How old school establishment BBC — is the death of Prince Philip really bigger news than that of Gordon Brown or Barack Obama?

Category two is more interesting. Other than other notable royals and Brown, Cameron and Obama, one sportsman is named — Mohammad Ali, and one artist — Bob Dylan.

I applaud recognition of Dylan’s immense contribution to world enrichment, and acknowledge Ali’s.

What’s interesting is who’s not included, and how the impact on the British people seems only a minor factor.

I reckon the sudden deaths of David Beckham and, actually, probably Cheryl Cole, would shake the foundations.

It’s bravely anti-celeb of the BBC not to let that influence their policy.

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