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Why Auntie must change her mind and spare this TV gem

By Jane Graham

The renowned art critic Waldemar Januszczak called for a petition protesting against proposed 30% cuts to BBC 4 this week.

I worked with Waldemar a few years ago.

He's a formidable man. I hope he can cause enough of a splash to embarrass the BBC into re-thinking this dreadful assault on the best TV channel in the UK. BBC4 has not only brought us The Thick Of It and Twenty Twelve but a host of excellent original one-off dramas, like Enid, and wonderful, esoteric documentaries, like Jonathan Meades' architecture series.

Oh yeah, and it also had the nous to introduce Mad Men, The Killing and Borgen to a British audience.

In short, despite its already tiny budget, it is a total gem of a channel due to the people running it being the best at what they do in the business.

To turn it into a cobwebbed retirement home for old arts archive would be a sad disaster


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