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Why Colin is such a bright spark

By Jane Graham

The Olympic committee told us that their torchbearers would be UK sports' 'unsung heroes' and 'inspirational' celebrities, so what Samsung's American head of marketing, or the Swiss CEO of recruitment firm Adecco are doing parading around with it, who knows.

I did, however, enjoy the sight of a beaming, high-fiving Colin Murray carrying the flame in Belfast this week. Local boy Murray is one of the BBC's sparkiest and smartest sports presenters.

His current Five Live series, in which he's been tracking down the UK's every living gold medal Olympian, is an absolute gem.

He might not have the medals Mary Peters has - let's just say he definitely doesn't - but his interview with the understated but ever-proud Allan Wells was real lump-in-throat radio, and earned him his torchbearing place on its own.

And I'm glad that Colin was able to follow the advice that I've heard him throw around himself many times as he jogged with the flame - keep her lit!


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