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Why Demi's quite right to fight for her marriage

By Jane Graham

It must be truly hideous to be an A-list celebrity going through a time of personal trouble.

Just when you feel at your weakest the whole world is spying on you and your partner, then discussing the results of their investigations online.

Suspicion grows, regardless of the reality. And if the worst turns out to be true, and there has been a string of twentysomethings bedding that beautiful boy you married - proudly proclaiming that the 17 year age gap merely served to keep you young (while frantically clocking up the nips and tucks like a toddler scooping up Haribos at a birthday party) - who really feels sorry for you? Not the multitude who believe that fame and fortune provide a shield for all ills.

It's said that Demi Moore loves her husband Ashton Kutcher deeply and wants to plough on, despite the rumours of an alleged string of affairs which have seen her apparently drop over a stone in weight. Kutcher, for his part, has denied cheating on Moore in a bizarre Twitter post.

She may take comfort from the unlikely figure of Mary Archer, long-suffering spouse of Lord Jeffrey, who said this month that there were far worse things than adultery.

"A marriage based on affection and friendship and deep knowledge, each of the other, can survive," she wisely counselled. "It can survive infidelity better than it can survive indifference or hostility."

Listen up Demi - if anyone knows about public pain and humiliation it's the wife of Jeffrey Archer.


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