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Why I feel some sympathy for Ricky Whittle snapping at the paparazzi

By Jane Graham

I’m not someone who follows the antics of teen idol Ricky Whittle.

But the Hollyoaks actor caught my attention this week when he was up in court defending the charge that he had deliberately veered his car towards a photographer.

Whittle was cleared of dangerous driving, but I’d like to think that somewhere in his subconscious was the thought that it might be nice to run over a paparazzi. That would give him the kind of spirit that I could admire.

I’ve always been drawn to celebrities who lash out at the parasitical, greedy, intrusive breed of tradesmen we call paparazzi.

If a bunch of leering men followed me down every dark street, shoving a camera into my face and up my skirt without speaking to me and generally treating me like subhuman camera-fodder, I’d take a swipe.

From Frank Sinatra to Liam Gallagher, all my favourites had the right idea. Shame the law doesn’t agree.

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