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Why I'm tickled pink by Dark Side of the Moon radio play

By Jane Graham

I've always been in two minds about Dark Side of the Moon.

When I actually listen to it, I can't deny there's some good stuff on there, in those outpourings of grief and melancholy inspired by the psychological loss of the great Pink Floyd founder member Syd Barrett.

On the other hand, its uncontested canonical status among po-faced men in their fifties and midbrow music fans who regard it on a par with War and Peace pushes me into the contrary corner.

I do, however, welcome supreme playwright Tom Stoppard's new Radio 2 play based on the album. And not just because the very sexy Bill Nighy and Rufus Sewell are in it (you can't see them on radio anyway).

Billed as an absurdist trip into the modern moral maze it should be compelling in Stoppard's hands. And best of all, it's on the radio – an overlooked but emotionally deep-welling and imagination-sparking medium for drama.

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