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Why it would be foul play to stop footballers from shaking hands

By Jane Graham

After weeks of Rachel'n'Ross-esque 'will they won't they' speculation, in the end Liverpool's Luis Suarez did not shake the hand of Patrice Evra, the Manchester United player who accused him of racism.

Instead he blanked Evra's hand in a petulant display reminiscent of a teenage girl offered a conciliatory hand by a friend who wore the same dress as her to a party. The football world was rocked to its core.

Alan Green, the BBC sports perennial who presented 5 Live's subsequent phone-in, felt the incident supported his belief that, bearing in mind the aggression and mutual disrespect which characterises many football games, the pre-match handshake is a display of hypocrisy which should be scrapped.

Alan Green should read George Orwell. The act of showing respect to people you don't like is what keeps a civilised society civilised.

Football could benefit from more acts of hypocrisy, and less of these knuckleheads 'just being honest'.


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