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Why Martin's Olympic idea has plenty of appeal

By Jane Graham

So far the 2012 London Olympics haven't really rung my bell. The ticket fiasco, based on the idea of people making blind bids in a contest of mystery and intrigue, suggested short-sighted stupidity.

The unveiling in Trafalgar Square of a monster sized countdown clock which stopped working on day two did not reassure.

One thing I do fancy though, is Turner Prize winner Martin Creed's idea of having the entire country ringing bells at 8am on July 27. Door bells, jingle bells, church bells - we can ring anything we want just to fill the air with sounds of celebration. Sounds rather thrilling.

But the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers have put the dampener on the idea, which they say is out of kilter with their 'views and practises' and lacks 'knowledge of ringing'.

More proof that if you give a group a title and a whiff of authority, they will excel in the art of self-important spoilsporting.


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