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Why older men turn women on

By Jane Graham

A gossip mag aimed at under-thirties caught my eye recently when it revealed the results of its readers' poll of the world's sexiest men.

What was interesting was that though the most obvious current day 'hunks' (hilarious word, a bit like 'hubby') were all included - the One Direction boys, X Factor's panic-eyed people pleaser Olly Murs, cherubic Hollywood A-lister Zach Efron - it seems teenage and twentysomething girls are more likely to moon over grey-haired men who are old enough to be their fathers.

So while the One Direction lads languish in mid-thirty positions, Johnny Depp (48) is voted number one in a top 10 which also features George Clooney (51), Brad Pitt (48),Gerard Butler (42) and Hugh Jackman (43).

Could it be that the more omnipotent meddlers like Simon Cowell and Sony Records push ready-made heartthrobs at women, the more they are drawn to men of real talent, individuality and swagger?

The list certainly implies that it is cool, intelligence and strength of character which turns girls on most. As well as a self-deprecating sense of humour.

But when it comes to men's idea of sexy women - Cheryl Cole, Megan Fox, Rihanna - they are tediously obvious and body/youth fixated. It's a credit to young women that wit and wisdom still count for more than cheekbones and four-packs.


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