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Why shock at JLS split?

Jane Graham

So, where were you when you heard the news that JLS had been shot? No, hang on, that's not right... that JLS had split up? While standing on a grassy knoll. Probably.

It's possible some of you can't quite remember, or in fact have yet to be enlightened as to which boyband JLS are/were. The ones who sang that it would be okay 'as long as you love me'? (nope, that's Bieber). The ones with the curly mop-top singer who's had a string of older celebrity girlfriends? (Nuh-uh, that's One Direction.) The one whose frontman used to go out with her from Corrie? (The Wanted.) No, JLS were the backwards-flipping ones responsible for Everybody in Love. Aha!, you say – I have no idea what you're talking about.

For some though, this was huge, awful news. It must have been because The Sun put it on their front page. Other papers said it had 'sent shockwaves' round the country.

This isn't an attack on pre-pubsecent pop fans over-reacting to the demise of a band. In fact the hysterical press response exposed an embarrassing disconnect between young people and the adult media. Kids now understand that, just like an iPhone, manufactured bands have a built-in obsolescence.

Most of them have already moved safely on to the next model, One Direction, and have been pretty pragmatic online, even mocking the Sun's hyperbole. These kids know pop is a bubble and bubbles burst. They just need to get that sensible message to the grandpas at the Sun.

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