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Why stand-up comic Lee is just the ticket

By Jane Graham

I went to see Stewart Lee's work in progress taster show at the Edinburgh Fringe this week.

A rambling mixture of musings on various world events, as well as a self-deprecating tale of mistaken identity which made me laugh so much I actually steamed up my contact lenses (who knew?!), the show confirmed, even when only half way through the creative process, Lee is so far ahead of other stand-ups he must have trouble seeing them when he is looking over his shoulder.

Almost as memorable was the overweight, greying and slightly hunched middle-aged man who walked along handing out flyers to the queue of fans waiting to get into the club before the show started.

It was Stewart Lee, looking rather shy and awkward, drumming up support for his wife's show at the same venue. Perhaps Sally Bercow would have found that degrading.

I'm guessing Lee has a rather good marriage.


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