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Why Subo's gig hit bum note with managers ...

By Jane Graham

Susan Boyle pulled out of a concert in Blackpool this week after the host, her brother, was caught up in a 'bitter row' with her management team, who accused him of exploiting his sister's name to put bums on seats. Subo had agreed to the gig at first but appears to have succumbed to her managers' superior wisdom.

Yes, because there's nothing business bosses hate more than their money-spinning acts doing financially unrewarding favours for people they like. Managers and record labels are especially on the alert for family members, people who have lifelong ties with their artists, who have loved and cared for them and shared jokes and sing-songs with them since they were kids, and whom their culpable artists might therefore be conned into performing acts of kindness for.

Much better that vulnerable artists stick to working like dogs to make music execs rich, don't you think?

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