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Why the cinema is real theatre of dreams

By Jane Graham

As more people turn their living rooms into shrines to television, settling into their armchairs every night to gaze at the huge, glowing plasma god which dominates their domestic vista, I am heartened by the trend for movies that insist on cinema attendance.

3D HD 50-inch TVs are all very well - though, actually, they're also ugly, overwhelming conversation-killers - but for films like The Tree of Life, Beasts of the Southern Wild and Life of Pi, nothing they offer comes close to the cinematic experience.

I took my daughter to the stunning Life of Pi this week, and we were both still gasping, saucer-eyed, when we came out. It's not just the awesome panoramic visuals and thundering surround sound of such films which excites, it's also the atmosphere of a dark, whispery theatre full of equally thrilled strangers going through the same emotional torrents. I'm a lover of television, but there are some parts it just can't reach.


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