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Why Wayne will soon learn that his world is one without soul

By Jane Graham

I’m often naive in my assessment of celebrities, falling too easily for their carefully constructed public personas unless, of course, there’s clear evidence to the contrary.

I believed Wayne Rooney was a good-natured, vaguely sensible family man who’d done some silly, easily forgivable things in his errant youth.

So this week’s news about his behaviour made for grim reading, especially the bit about him allegedly breaking the news to Colleen with the ice-cold words “Deal with it”.

One would guess that’s what senior international ‘King’ John Terry tells his luxury-loving wife whenever an embarrassing story is about to break, and younger players like Rooney now seem to think they too can, and should, live in a similar way.

One wonders if anyone, even a wrathful Alex Ferguson, will ever persuade Rooney, or the next batch of wonderkids, that their lifestyle of choice will leave their souls barren and cold.

A melodramatic summation? I really don’t think so.

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