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Why we would all love to marry Johnny Depp

By Jane Graham

The years go by, we all get older, wiser and sadder - but Johnny Depp just keeps getting better and better.

Not only does the 47-year-old (I know!) look as beautiful as he ever did, his acting continues to project deeper levels of emotional and intellectual intelligence, so that he brings an innate profundity and sense of melancholy even to characters as originally devoid of both as Lewis Carroll's Mad Hatter.

And this week he gave an interview about how he owes it all to his girlfriend Vanessa Paradis which must have made women around the world melt like chocolate.

"My life is divided in two," he told a British magazine. "In the time before I met Vanessa I was searching for something.

"Since our time together I have found it. There was no doubt in my mind that she was the one for me. She would change my life."

I would think if any woman was to script a dream tribute from her boyfriend/husband, it wouldn't stray far from those sentiments. Depp is still full of a boyish romantic wonder for the woman he's been with for 12 years and with whom he has two children.

Despite his incredible personal achievements (he's the highest paid actor in Hollywood history) his ego seems to be in check, he's in awe to his far less successful girlfriend and is convinced he only looks young because 'being with my family makes me happy'.

Charlie Sheen, you've got a bit of catching up to do...


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