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Will Christian conversion help Ballymena barman pull the girls?

By Jane Graham

It was only a matter of time before Christian Grey, hero of EL James' Fifty Shades of Grey, inspired some ambitious young dandy to change his name.

And it's certainly no surprise to me that the first reported case of a chap in the UK taking on that moniker of dark, fantastical, S-amp;M exoticism is a barman from Ballymena. The 22-year-old lager-pourer recently switched his name from Gary Crawford to Christian Grey by Deed Poll for £33. He'd never liked Gary he says, and once the thought of adopting the name of steamy billionaire dreamboat Christian entered his head 'that was it'. Christian had some surprisingly harsh words for the book which gave him his new identity though. "I found it very repetitive and from my point of view poorly written," he opined. Still, he's sticking strictly to his new name, insisting that if someone says 'Gary' he'll say 'who?' In the spirit of self-expression, I say bravo!


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