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Will Michael be a footnote for principles in politics?

By Jane Graham

Isn’t it funny the things that catch you unawares and bring tears to your eyes?

I found myself in this position when I heard this week that ex-Labour leader Michael Foot had died.

Foot really was a man from another era — when socialism wasn’t a dirty word, when great orators were respectfully given time to make witty, intellectually rigorous speeches rather than throw out soundbites, when what you looked like or what you wore was less important than your conviction, your level of knowledge, your intelligence and your humanity.

He was already a man out of time when he took over the party during the Thatcher years, and he watched politics become nastier, more self-serving, and more vapid as he was pushed further out of it.

He was a well-liked politician, smart, well-read, funny and gentle — it is depressing to think that his kind is literally dying out.

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