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Will this love match be home or away?

By Jane Graham

I've never understood the enthusiasm some women have for becoming WAGs.

I like money and luxury as much as the next person, but not enough to covet the precarious, spot-lit, often lonely, life of a footballer's wife. To be married to a man who spends the vast majority of his life travelling or training, who's surrounded by soft-brained wannabe page 3 girls every time he steps into a bar, whose every move or utterance is blown out of proportion and turned into a tabloid headline, is not my idea of contentment.

But you can't help who you fall in love with and, when she fell for the notably decent Frank Lampard, I imagine Christine Bleakley knew what she was in for, worried about bits of it, but couldn't argue with the fact that, emotionally, she was in it for the long haul.

Apart from the melodramatic ex-wife, who's taken numerous pot-shots at the seemingly super-scrupulous Bleakley, the Dancing on Ice presenter has had to deal with rumours of Lampard being shifted around the world since the day they met. Now Lampard says Chelsea have made no move to renew his contract, and the talk is of LA, Italy or even China, possibly as soon as this month. With her own career in the UK still going well, what the hell's a girl to do? The happy picture Bleakley tweeted of her and Frank enjoying Christmas could turn out to be a rare stolen occasion if the transfer rumours are true. For her sake, I hope they're not.


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