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You could count on Carol to get even

By Jane Graham

Pondering other women of note during the Thatcher years has inevitably seen the lemon-sucking beady-eyed stare of Joan Collins' Alexis Carrington in newspapers this week.

For many of us, the link between the ruthless, unyielding, always victorious Alexis and our ex-PM – whom Joan admits influenced her Dynasty performance – is as iron-forged as the one between summertime and Barry's.

Just like Maggie, Alexis remains an inspiration for women today. Why, just this week Carol Vorderman was celebrating her own cold-blooded revenge in a tale which would make Alexis stand up and cheer. Having suspected that a boyfriend was cheating on her, Carol quickly decided the relationship was over. But while some of us would have moved on, perhaps carrying a few little bruises with us for a time, Carol wanted to make sure the hurt was neatly evened out.

Cunningly, Carol worked out that, despite living in modern day London, rather than a black and white film noir, her boyfriend had a nemesis – a 'bloke he was dead jealous of'. So she tracked said nemesis down, 'did it with that bloke', told her boyfriend all about it and then dumped him. Pure Alexis!

There are some who might carp that Carol used the second man as coldly as a warlord uses a foot soldier but the point is, she will not be quickly forgotten by the boyfriend who had probably, though she didn't seem 100% sure, been unfaithful to her. Legacy, people! Being remembered! That's what is important. If the past week has taught us anything it's that.

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