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You really must be having a laugh, Dave

By Jane Graham

We all like a laugh, so good on David Cameron for his Commons speech this Monday.

My favourite bit was when he compared the irresponsibility of rioters with that of the bankers who "think they can act recklessly because the State will bail them out". Of course Dave knows the State DID bail out the banks, but I reckon he went with the nonsensical line not to sound like he's down with the banker-hating kids but to make an exhausted nation smile.

And what about his hilarious announcement of the 'family test' he wants applied to all domestic policy before it's passed. "If it hurts families, if it stops families from being together, then we shouldn't do it," he opined, while councils across England were serving eviction notices to entire families, including innocent infants, if they had a suspected looter in their midst. Cameron clearly has a satirical bent as sharp as Armando Iannucci's - great stuff Dave!


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