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Lampard has a point, to be Frank

By Claire Harrison

It would be easy to knock Frank Lampard as a Neanderthal Man lumbering out of the dark woods, blinking against the bright lights of women's equality. Does he really deserve praise for setting himself apart from the "pig-headed" dads and husbands of the world, who leave the household chores and parental responsibilities to the women in their lives?

Not really, but on this occasion I'm going to give him a bit of a pat on the back for at least challenging the perception of star footballers and their pampered lives of paying others to do tedious tasks. And he does have a point in that many men still think it's perfectly okay to leave the cleaning, cooking and child rearing to the women.

Lampard is surrounded by strong women. He has two sparky daughters, Luna (9) and Isla (7), a highly successful fiancee in Christine Bleakley and clearly idolised his late mother, Pat. I suspect Pat played a big role in fostering his respect for mums. The ex-England star openly admits his own father took a far less active role in his childhood home life.

It's touching to think of him taking time out from what must be a high-octane lifestyle to insist on reading to his daughters every night. The less said about his views on equal pay for women footballers, the better.

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