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Border poll appeals to many here, but not to the PM

Liam Clarke

One of the more interesting results of the recent BBC opinion poll is that most people want a border referendum.

More than that most would vote in one if it was held, although at least two thirds want no change.

It shows that constitutional issues still have considerable appeal and people want to have their say on them. Some 57% want a poll held either immediately or within the next seven years.

Both Sinn Fein and the Tories takes some comfort from that result.

"It is what we have been arguing, lets start the debate and see where it leads us," a SF party source said.

They favour a poll within the lifetime of the next assembly, roughly the seven-year option.

On the other hand David Cameron (pictured, right), no less, said yesterday that the result would lift the hearts of all those who favoured the union.

He was focusing more on the 65%, including 23% of Sinn Fein voters, who said they would vote against any change.

It is better numbers than he gets in Scotland at present.

I somehow doubt if Mr Cameron, whose government would have to foot the bill, is going to give us our fun on this one.

He, or more precisely his minister Theresa Villiers, only has to do so if there is an indication that the vote is likely to actually change anything.

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