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Shade of your True Colours may come as a surprise

By Liam Clarke

If you haven't tried our online True Colours survey , I'd urge you to give it a try. It may make you view politics from a new perspective and I will give a sneak preview of the early results later.

First, you will be asked what party you normally vote for and which party, or parties, you normally wouldn't vote for.

Then you will be brought through a series of questions about your political priorities in the election.

There is no mention of the border, because it can't be changed by Stormont, only by a referendum.

Finally, you will be told how close you are to the policies of various parties. In my case, I found that I was 65% in agreement with one party compared to a low of 45% with another.

The surprise was that there were none of them that completely went against my views and the gap between the highest and lowest-scoring wasn't that wide. As befits a political journalist, I seem to be a bit of a floating voter.

The results so far show that many people belong in the same category when you leave constitutional loyalties aside.

In all, 33% of nationalist voters who answered the questionnaire so far ended up closest to a unionist party and 27% of unionist voters ended up closest to a nationalist party. It makes you think.

True Colours survey


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