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There's nothing funny about joker Johnson as the PM

By Liam Clarke

It was the Tories, but not as we know them.

Who else but Boris Johnson could humiliate the party leader as his straight man during the Conservative conference and still get applauded at the end of his speech?

The Prime Minister fairly squirmed in his seat as Mr Johnson (right) made fun of his recent poor performance on a US chat show, joked about his shaky grasp of Latin and quipped that they had both danced "Gangnam" style to the strains of the South Korean rap.

They call that bullying at Eton, but in Birmingham nobody minded. While Mr Cameron strolled through the lobby with a small entourage, it was Boris who got mobbed like a rock star and grabbed the headlines the next day.

Could this clown prince be the next Tory leader? If he is, things will be neither dull nor peaceful. Take these comments on Islam:

"Judged purely on its scripture - to say nothing of what is preached in the mosques - it is the most viciously sectarian of all religions."

Or take his attack on the people of Liverpool for allegedly "wallowing in victimhood" after "drunken fans at the back of the crowd" allegedly caused the Hillsborough disaster.

Boris may entertain the party faithful and, quite possibly, be good company, too.

But, on the world stage, this joker would be an accident waiting to happen.


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