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A pot of gold... on top of Charles Saatchi's fridge

By Lindy McDowell

What must it be like to be rich?

We've all fantasised about buying things like mansions, motors and footwear that only a Strabane lottery winner could afford. But now, there's a new one to add to the list.

Amid the startling recent revelations about life chez super-rich Nigella and Charles Saatchi, the most dazzling, I thought, was the line about how he kept a wad of money sitting on the fridge. Apparently just for dipping in and out of. Like a bowl of dry roasted peanuts.

This is Midas-scale fairytale wealth, isn't it? The bottomless pot of gold. On top of the fridge. Oh, Brothers Grimm, even you didn't think of that one.

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