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A touch of Corrie at the royal wedding

By Lindy McDowell

If you want a startling illustration of changed times at the Palace it would be hard to beat the sight of Becky McDonald at a Royal wedding.

A thieving ex-con, Becky, wife of Steve McDonald is notorious (yet oddly loveable) for her hard drinking, punching, kicking and, more recently, kidnapping ways.

From the cobbled streets of soap it would be tricky to single out a harder ticket.

But there the girl was - looking stunning too - at the nuptials of Zara Phillips (nee Queen's grand-daughter) and Mike Tindall, English rugby aristocracy.

OK, so it wasn't Becky herself but the gorgeous actress Katherine Kelly who plays her in Coronation Street. But a sign nonetheless of the wind of change blowing through the Windsors.

After the middle class Middletons stole the show at the wedding of the heir to the heir, this time it was the gloriously laid back Tindall and in fairness his equally down-to-earth bride Zara effortlessly beating the stuffy out of all those generations of Royal reserve.

Of all the words you could use to describe Zara on her big day, by far the most obvious was 'happy'.

She looked radiantly, rapturously happy. And no wonder.

For Zara has landed herself a man who does not come across as someone who lingers long in front of mirror. Mike Tindall, with his crooked nose and singular features, is the complete reverse of so many of today's self-regarding male celebs who mistake vanity for personality.

His face may be craggier than Slieve Donard but Tindall has that quality that makes him utterly attractive to women.

He looks like fun. His liquid celebration of wedded bliss makes Darren Clarke's post-Open merriment look restrained (and what a load of nonsense was talked about that as well).

Whatever life will be like for the Tindalls, it won't be dull.


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