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Alexandra turns tables with dish called revenge

By Lindy McDowell

Take two celebrity chef unions, separate and then grill for a bit under fierce public spotlight.

Given that the recipe is the same in both instances you'd think that the outcome would be more or less as uniform as a batch of twice-baked goat's cheese souffles.

Oddly, no.

After Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi's marriage hit the rocky road, her career has continued to flourish in America.

Mr Saatchi appears most aggrieved. But Nigella has just been getting on with it.

The Great British Bake-Off's Paul Hollywood has also been seeking career success in America as he deals with his marriage split – in this instance one that has involved his side dish on the US show.

But his attempt at conquering America has apparently flopped.

Meanwhile, interestingly, his left-at-home wife has not been left ... well ... at home.

Alexandra Hollywood, suddenly in the media spotlight, began to blog her own recipes and cooking tips. Now, reportedly, she's being considered for a TV career of her own. This unlikely turnaround may be food for thought for other separating celebs.

Take Kelly Brook, who doesn't cook, but who is subject of this week's high-profile split in the gossip columns. Poor Kelly has been putting on a brave face, photographed out partying with friends.

Maybe she's missing a trick by not quickly churning out her own post break-up recipe collection.

Revenge – a dish best served up in your new television cookery format?

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