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And Best Bore gong goes to ...

By Lindy McDowell

Is it just me or have the Oscars and the Brits and all those other award extravaganzas not become a bit well, samey and tired and flat?

With the Brits it's the usual line-up of James Corden trying to be laddish and Robbie Williams trying not to look too oul laddish. There's the traditional bit of Coldplay and the compulsory camera zoom-in on Simon Cowell and his always open shirt. And he always seems to be chewing gum.

Who chews gum when they're drinking? The Oscars are much the same – just with better dresses, like that worn by Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence, and more American winners.

There's the edgy host – Ricky Gervais, Seth McFarlane – "insulting" attendees, some staged "offensive" snipes at actors (all of it appearing as genuine as John Travolta's hair), the odd stumble, tears, endless thanks, very thin starlets, cleavage, sequins and the Elton John party.

Year in, year out. How they jazz it up, I have no idea. But couldn't they ask Danny Boyle? Boyle's Olympics opener was an eye-opener with regard to what can be achieved with a bit of imagination and a flexible budget. And Hollywood (still) would seem to have the budget.

According to reports the goodie bags that those attending this year's bash got to take home, contained upwards of £30,000 worth of freebies.

Holidays, handbags, jewellery, you name it. There have been low budget movies made for less. In terms of largesse, Oscars' organisers could hardly be described as les miserables.

But maybe if they gave more thought to providing something new for their wider audience outside of the luvvies in the pews?

As it is what was once the most unmissable show of the year could be vying with the Brits in 2014 for the Best Switch to the Other Channel Award.

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