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Are police equal to task of tackling thugs?

By Lindy McDowell

Actor Edward Woodward who died this week is fondly remembered for his role as The Equalizer — a fictional character whose quest to take on the baddies still resonates in our real world.

Earlier this week, playing the unlikely role of Equalizer against east Belfast baddies was an 82-year-old lady called Maisie Chapman who took her courage and a yard brush in both hands and showed two yellow, thieving thugs where to go.

It’s a story that could so easily have ended in horror, however.

And there are so many other elderly people who will have read reports of Maisie’s ordeal with absolute alarm and terror. The brutal cowards who prey on the elderly and the vulnerable are a scourge of our times.

But surely more could be done to make people feel safe in their homes.

For a start more police patrols in areas where elderly people live. And much, much stiffer sentences from the courts.

The law, not a frightened little old lady wielding a yard brush, should be the real Equalizer.

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