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Bare truth is Tamara's just a rich heir head

By Lindy McDowell

Rich and famous. That used to be every wannabe's ambition. But now there's a new breed on the scene. A wannabe who's already halfway there.

Filthy rich - but not quite famous.

Paris Hilton was among the first to spearhead the trend for heiresses to chase the reality TV spotlight.

Now along comes Chloe Green, daughter of Topshop's mega-loaded Sir Philip. And following hot in her Louboutins, Tamara Ecclestone, daughter of Formula One's diminutive Sir Bernie.

Tamara has access to so much money she could refloat the Greek economy.

But does she want to use her considerable wealth and enormous privilege for constructive purposes? No. Tamara just wants to be famous for, well basically, for being very, very rich.

The tabloids bulge with stories about her multi-million pound mansion, the crystal bath on which she has spent more than some small nations spend on medicine for the poor, and other heart-warming examples of her excess.

At a time of recession she must be aware this hardly endears her to the masses.

Maybe she doesn't care. Maybe she's got a strategy which involves her, somewhere along the line, proving to us all she's not just a very wealthy airhead.

Or maybe it's just that money is all she can relate to.

Either way it's a poor show from Little Miss Billions.


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