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Bea, jet-set's not a real job

By Lindy McDowell

In the wake of Prince Harry's rightly-praised visit to the Caribbean and Brazil, Princess Beatrice has reportedly let it be known that she too would like a role in marking the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

She'd like to visit India "to honour the occasion."

Wouldn't we all, dear?

An exotic trip into five-star luxury (Bea's travel plans are unlikely to envisage bunking down in a Dehli Travelodge) sounds like just the tonic for any of us in these recessionary times. But wait. We have to remember the girl would be doing the rest of us a service.

According to her da, Air Miles Andy, with whom she'd be doing this invaluable work as 'trade ambassador' (his description): "If that is what they (Beatrice and her sister Eugenie) want to do, I see no reason why not. I could make use of them because they would take some of the burden off me." Burden!

Swanning around the world at taxpayers' expense is not what most people would regard as a burden. So perhaps we should lift this terrible load from Andrew's shoulders forthwith and pass it on to someone who might be;

  • even better equipped for the job and;
  • actually appreciative of the fabulous and privileged role they've landed.

If Beatrice really wants to contribute something positive to her granny's Jubilee maybe she should think about getting herself a real job. Something that demonstrates that she doesn't actually believe the hard-pressed rest of us owe her a living.


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