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Belfast's soft centre a cause for concern as giant hole revealed on Ravenhill Road

By Lindy McDowell

The hole beneath the Ravenhill Road is a bit of a shocker. What else is down there? Or to be more precise, isn't down there?

It wasn't so long ago when, during a particularly wet period of weather, a great big chunk of Cromac Street collapsed in on itself.

Belfast, we're told, is built on a bed of soft clay and silt, or Belfast sleech to give it its local, not particularly reassuring name.

How many more of our roads frequently travelled consist of Tarmac over gaping voids? Is there any way of telling?

It makes you worry a bit about what next is going to give way round here.

Unsettling. In every sense.

Airport parking is the real turn-off

Whatever happened to the air flight news update from a couple of weeks ago warning that in future all plane passengers would be required to switch ON their mobiles and tablets to prove these did not contain explosive material?

I flew twice in the last week and was not asked to switch them on at either airport.

On both occasions getting through security was a dream.

Sadly, not so smooth back at the pick-up park at Belfast International Airport. Our driver had to pay £4 – £4!!! – because he'd slightly overstayed his waiting time. Nice welcome there for the tourists ...

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