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Bieber police photo is a real mugshot

By Lindy McDowell

Fair play to Justin Bieber, even for his police mugshot he gave it his all. The quiff was well-coiffed, the smile so cheesy-wide he could have been auditioning for a Colgate commercial.

The 19-year-old was arrested after an incident of alleged road racing in a Lamborghini in the Miami beach area. From the cheery mugshot you got the impression he saw this as a bit of a result. The boy's been trying to shake off his twee image for ages. And unlike Miley he doesn't have the easy option of twerking and semi-nudity. Perhaps he feels there's no such thing as bad publicity shots. And that jailhouse orange is a cool, new look. But those police pics just say one word about wee B..... Plonker.

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