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Bruno's over-acting makes Alex squirm

By Lindy McDowell

Alex Jones, who is the One Show's Continuity Christine Bleakley, looked polished and pretty at the TV Baftas this week, a vision in off-the-shoulder yellow.

Sadly her performance in handing out a gong was one of the cringiest moments in recent television history.

It wasn't her fault, poor girl.

It's because she was paired with the mouth that is Bruno Tonioli, "star" judge of Strictly Come Dancing.

Tonioli's style of humour (if it could be called that) amounts to shouting inane things VERY, VERY LOUDLY while waving his arms around like a wind turbine on Rathlin. It might work on Strictly where the audience is high on sequins and strained Lycra, but at the TV awards the audience just squirmed. As did poor Alex paired with this goon.

It was horrible to watch.

And while we're on the subject of loud, shouty humour ...

Mrs Brown's Boys picked up the gong for best sitcom.

Humour I admit is entirely subjective.

And yes, Mrs Brown and her boys do entertain millions.

But it is a long way, is it not, from the clever humour of the likes of Del Boy and Father Ted?

Mrs Brown? Bruno? Could they be related?


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