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Carol nose how to win our sympathy

By Lindy McDowell

Fair play to Carol Vorderman, she even manages to get publicity mileage out of cowping downstairs.

Ms Vorderman this week gamely released a picture of her blackened eye and trussed up nose, injured when she toppled head first downstairs into a wall.

She was unable to save herself, she explains, because she was cold and her hands were in her coat pockets. She fell in the first place, she adds, because she was running downstairs in four inch heels. Never mind running with scissors, not such a great idea to run in Jimmy Choos either by the look of it. They don't call them killer heels for nothing.

Carol will be off her TV show Loose Women while her injuries heal – hence the decision presumably to explain what happened with that no-holds-barred shot of nostril padding.

But interesting this from a woman who tends to be quite coy about other areas of her private life. (She doesn't for example, talk about relationships.)

On the plus side, the pic has gained her much publicity and considerable sympathy.

Inevitably some internet trolls are suggesting it's all a cover for cosmetic surgery on her nose. (Her nose? There's nothing wrong with the woman's nose.)

But clever Carol won't mind because as a Countdown veteran she'll have calculated that the well-wishers will outweigh the detractors. Cowping into concrete doesn't always add up to a publicity coup. But by describing her designer shoe-related accident, Ms Vorderman almost makes her broken snozzle sound glamorous.

Almost ... .

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