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Christine skates off a winner

By Lindy McDowell

There was a wee moment during the final of Dancing on Ice when Jorgie, who'd just been beaten into second place, dissolved into sobs and Christine Bleakley quickly clasped her hand and quietly comforted her.

Not in a Cheryl Cole "let me enfold you in a hug and show people how deeply caring I am" way. But in the manner of someone who knows that a bit of subtle support is much better at helping a girl pull herself together before the mascara is entirely engulfed.

During the run of the show it was reported that Christine had gone out of her way to be friendly and helpful to the contestants. What you saw every week on screen wasn't a faux mateyness but someone who actually did want them all to do themselves proud.

This was the woman who was slated at the beginning of the DoI series as "wooden" and "stilted" yet she came across week after week as genuinely kindly; a good sort whom the audience took to their hearts.

And gorgeous, too. On Sunday night she looked stunning. She looked happy and confident and a glittering, successful reply to the internet trolls and critics who gave her such a hard time only a few weeks ago.

It wasn't because of anything she'd done. One theory was that Christine had attracted flak because she's replaced the popular Holly Willoughby.

But poor Holly is herself currently being monstered by the internet monsters who seemingly can't stand any successful, good looking young woman on national telly.

Revenge is, they say, a dish best served cold. To her one-time critics Christine served up her revenge on Ice.

You showed 'em girl!


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