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Coleen, y wd u keep Wayne?

By Lindy McDowell

About the cruellest little touch in the story of Wayne Rooney’s reported romps with a call girl is the allegation that he broke, to his wife Coleen, news of the media revelations set to shatter her world via text.

She was reportedly at the hairdressers at the time

“Just me usual cut and blowdry, please. And have you been on yer hols yet? and oh, hang on, I’m getting a text from our Wayne here”

You can imagine the moment.

The poor girl. Except that she isn’t, of course. Poor, that is.

At 24 she is rich beyond the dreams of most young women. She has the house, the baby, the tan, the diamonds, the handbags, the shoes, the fame.

All the key components in the 2010 vision of ultimate, enviable WAG-dom. Minus perhaps, the man. Coleen, like so many before her, may be left holding the baby and the alimony cheque.

But will she really serve as a warning to others that the fairy tale story of a WAG so often ends not with the happy ever after line. But with the ‘Sori 2 av 2 brek it 2 u’ text.

As celeb marriage after celeb marriage crumbles with the now traditional story of tawdry betrayal (Elin, Toni, Cheryl) you have to wonder — whatever happened to the women’s movement?

Surely there has to be a female fightback here?

Surely young women think more of themselves than to continue to offer themselves up for WAG sacrifice?

OK, so the money’s good.

But an adultery confession via iPhone signed off with the inevitable pathetic : (

Can’t be worth it, girls.

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