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Could Tulisa give Portrush the X Factor?

By Lindy McDowell

The X Factor is on its way back. But does it still have the X Factor now that Simon has shipped out to the US and Cheryl has been supplanted by Tulisa Contostavlos?

Louis Walsh thinks so. Cowell won't be missed at all, he says. But then Louis, the only old-stager left to hold the thing together, would say that. Granted you do have to give him points for plain speaking on the subject.

"Simon's a fool," he says. "This show is going to be much bigger and better than the US version.

"He (Cowell) left American Idol and it continued to be a huge success. Now he's gone from the UK X Factor but we are going to show him that it's not about him - it's all about the talent.

"We don't need Simon. We've

moved on."

Of course, if they do need Simon, presumably they can recall him for one of those guest appearances where he struts back into the arena with his shirt open to the waist like a bare-chested Caesar dropping in on the evening's events down at the Coliseum.

Locally it won't be the judges who'll primarily command attention. Apparently we have as many as four local contenders heading for this year's boot camp which has to be a bit of a record for this place.

Surely one, at the very least, will get through.

Among them is a bloke billed as the new Susan Boyle (is that a compliment for a man?). He's said to have wowed the judges.

And he's from Portrush - home of golfing superstars.

The seaside town is on a roll these days. Yet, sadly visitors report it still looks dreary and down at heel.

While we're on the subject, can't the local council do something about restoring Portrush's X Factor?

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