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Danny boy, remember us

By Lindy McDowell

How do we feel about being represented by a maypole?

On the recently revealed scale model of Danny Boyle's bucolic landscape spectacular which will open the 2012 Olympics we feature as a flax flower atop one of four maypoles.

And that's about the height of it. Of course, Mr Boyle may yet have surprises up his sleeve or hidden in his Teletubby hills but everything that has been released thus far from the Olympics opener smacks of showcasing Engerland exclusively.

Ok, it's being held in London so you can hardly blame them for keeping the main event, so to speak, in-house. But what ever happened to much-trumpeted inclusivity? A maypole (Holywood aside) is just so not us.

And the music that's reported to have been chosen for the opening ceremony also appears to include us out.

Veering from Jerusalem to EastEnders, from Chariots of Fire to Coldplay, from Handel to Dizzee Rascal it may be eclectic, whimsical and unpredictable.

But predictably there's not a chirp from anyone from here. No Ruby Murray. No Van. No Snow Patrol.

No one is suggesting (Limavady aside) that Danny Boyle should do Danny Boy. But surely The Undertones' Teenage Kicks would be hard to beat.

Maybe Mr Boyle will have more surprises for us on the night showing off the diverse talents of Wales, Scotland and here as well as his English country garden. But thus far with those maypoles and the Eton Boating Song ... Team GB? I think not.


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