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Dave, don't pretend you're one of us

David Cameron is said to have clashed with Tory party candidate Annunziata Rees-Mogg over her refusal to run for election as the more common-sounding (he thought) Nancy Mogg.

Shows how out of touch with the real world Dave is.

Once, granted, a double-barrelled name may have flagged you up as excruciatingly posh.

These days everybody has a hyphen.

Double-barrelled surnames are a direct result of the increasing number of couples who decide that instead of opting for his or her last name for the whole family, they'll just take both.

What happens when these double-barrelled children meet their own double-barrelled partners I'm not sure.

Do the offspring of Joe Bloggs-Smith and Mary Ponsonby-Poppins become the little Bloggs-Smith-Ponsonby-Poppins?

Still. This is the way the world is now.

And, while Annunziata might strike Dave as a bit of an elitist sounding mouthful, it hardly outranks the Princess Tiaamiis of the age.

Mr Cameron's problem seems to be that he just can't keep up.

Last week he and wife Sam were off to party isle, Ibiza. She went to a rave. Keeping it real, Dave?

Actually this season, real youth is off to Marbella. 'No carbs before Marbs' is how The Only Way is Essex stars put it. In among them, in her slashed to the waist kaftan, even Jordan looks a bit dated. Whether the Marbella tan and Stetson look would boost the Prime Minister's chances in the polls is hard to say.

But don't rule out Dave - displaying his 'common touch' - easyjeting down to join them before the summer is out.