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David and Amanda are real stars

By Lindy McDowell

Most of us, if we're being honest, tend to regard celebrities as airheads. Unfair stereotyping, I know. But there it is.

It's hard to take seriously the preening self-regard, the anguished talk about endlessly battling demons, the whole Botoxed, Fake-Baked superficiality of the celeb community.

But every so often one of them does something that makes you think: "Sound man!" Or: "Sound woman!"

Or, as is the case of this week, both.

First up David Walliams who took on the Thames for a charity swim to raise £1.1m for Sport Relief.

Aside from concerns about this not putting daft ideas in the heads of less-able swimmers, his has been an impressive example of courage.

I was going to use the word guts but given the effluent he's had to deal with, maybe not ...

Walliams has battled bacteria, freezing cold and gastric revolt. En route he even saved the life of an inquisitive dog that plunged in to join him.

The project was maybe a bit mad - but he deserves full credit for his bravery.

And brave doesn't even begin to describe Amanda Holden.

A few months back she suffered a tragic - and much publicised - miscarriage. Bad enough to have to deal with such loss. To do so in the public eye must have been excruciating.

But Amanda picked herself up and carried on. Then came the brilliant news that she was pregnant again. She was photographed in the papers beaming with joy. Her heart must be in her mouth at times. But she's not letting that show.

Not even when she was involved in a shocking car crash. Within days she's been back at work in the musical Shrek sporting a blue bandage on one arm but exuding a general air of "no need to fuss".

Amanda isn't just a celeb. She's a real trouper. And a really admirable trouper.


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