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Denise's capers are sobering experience

By Lindy McDowell

Denise Welch is one of those "celebs" whose forays into the glossy mags is more often towards the "fighting her demons" section than the "looking stunning on the red carpet" pages.

It's always been known that she drinks a bit. Ok. Maybe a bit more than a bit ...

But the general theme has been that while she enjoys a partying lifestyle, she's well able to handle it.

Her current appearance however, on Celebrity Big Brother (now housed over on Channel Five) makes for seriously uncomfortable viewing.

Loose Woman Denise has been filmed topless in the jacuzzi with comb-over Frankie Cocozza, the teenage, reject spawn of X Factor.

She's also been shown trying to yank down a glamour model's pants, drunkenly kissing all round her and rowing with her fellow inmates. Classy.

But Denise doesn't give the impression of someone who's having a fun time in all this.

She looks haunted and sad. Watching her you can't help feeling this is a woman who desperately needs help - not reality TV exposure.

Maybe one will lead to the other. It's about the only positive outcome you can envisage for this shabby show. But in the meantime couldn't the programme makers stop her having access to drink?

The answer to that one is, presumably, directly related to ratings.


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