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Dissidents' phony claims don't ring true

By Lindy McDowell

Losing a mobile phone ... we've all done it at some stage. There's that gut-gripping moment when you realise it's gone and you don't even know how long it's been gone and you're immediately imagining all sorts of bleak scenarios ranging from someone running up 12 hour conversations with contacts in Australia.

Or just someone sniggering at your personal photos. So pity (as I sincerely do) the young female cop in the headlines last week after she apparently lost her personal mobile phone some months back while on duty.

The handset has since made it's way into the hands of dissidents who are now gloating about how they've got it and the "operations information" they've gleaned from it. Have they really?

They may see the pictures they've released - seemingly fairly innocuous shots of officers on duty - as a major propaganda coup underlining their "intelligence" reach.

But most of the rest of us see it for the banal reality it is. A lost phone that's been passed on to them. It's hardly the stuff of a Mossad op.

Maybe the officer shouldn't have had the phone out with her. (I don't know the regulations).

But if she has infringed some rule let's keep her "crime" in perspective.

She just lost her mobile phone.

The dissidents? They've murdered people.


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