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Don't keep up with Kourtney if you value privacy

By Lindy McDowell

Among all those mythical things we sometimes fondly imagine might be out there somewhere but know in our hearts of hearts don't actually exist - unicorns, the Loch Ness monster, Utopia, comfortable high-heels - is a new one we should add to the list.

Privacy. There's really no such thing in 2012. At least not outdoors ...

All of us accept there is not an event you may wish to attend today which does not involve a camera in close vicinity. From the wedding, where you can at least spot video-boy lurking by the door, to the office party where you can expect to be pictured at all angles by those colleagues meticulous about updating Facebook coverage of their social life.

Fall over or slip up in any way and some tube will have you on YouTube.

You're constantly informed that once you leave your front door there is always a CCTV lens trained upon you. And failing that, no end of mobile cameras to capture any foul-up for Twitter.

Put a foot wrong socially these days and you're trending globally. Taking your clothes off in public? You will get spotted. If you are rambling in Scotland thus attired (or unattired) you will also get jail.

We live in an era where nothing is considered too private anymore. Take the news that one of the Kardashian klan has been filmed giving birth on live TV surrounded by "her entire family". And of course several million viewers. Klassy. (The poor child has been called Penelope Scotland. Bet it wails ... )

Kourtney and her family, as we all know, kourt the kamera. But if you genuinely want to avoid the prying lens? The trick is to keep it indoors. Or at least to keep your kit on. It is hard to imagine, say, Michelle Obama, pictured with her top off outdoors. Even in a "private" sort of outdoors. Breaking news - Kate Moss was pictured this week with her bikini top on. It can be done.


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