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Dream on if you think you can have a quick kip at work

By Lindy McDowell

Are you sitting comfortably? Well, bad news. It could be the death of you.

That's the warning from this week's health scare story which advises that our sedentary lifestyles – 9 to 5 on a swivel chair, then home for a TV dinner with Corrie and/or the footie highlights – is not doing us any favours at all in the fitness department.

Whoever would have thought it?

But just when you decide that in the circumstances you really should be up and giving it your all, like Madonna down the gym, along comes reassurance from a NHS life coach, no less. (Who knew there was such a thing; how much does she get paid for the job?)

This expert from NHS online suggests that if we're finding the daily grind of the office a bit exhausting we should just whip out a pillow and have a bit of a snooze in the workplace.

I love it!

Now, I don't know what the place you work in is like but I can safely say that if I were to settle down for a wee kip in my own office there is a fair to middling chance my gentle snoring could be interrupted. By a boot up the keyboard.

In fact I can think of very few workplaces where this would work.

The cleaner curled up on a chair in the hospital waiting room; the shop assistant draped over the till; the mechanic snoozing on the bonnet of your car ...

It's just not going to work. And it's patronising and insulting to suggest it might.

In fact it's a waste of good money that could be spent more profitably elsewhere in the NHS.

Not least through, say, an awareness campaign telling the non-sleeping mass of the working population they shouldn't be sitting down – never mind lying down – on the job.

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