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Dressing up Kate Middleton's romance is a flop

By Lindy McDowell

William and Kate: The Movie, which aired on Channel Five at the weekend, has been variously described as "painful", "toe-curling", "cheesy", "ghastly" and "the most excruciating and awful thing that mankind has ever created".

I'm sorry I missed it now.

As critics have pointed out something that bad is also generally extremely watchable.

And, as we are all familiar with the plot (and the props), there's added entertainment in keeping an eye out for those bits where the film-makers get it wrong.

One of the few snatches I caught was a still from that scene where Kate paraded at the university fashion show in the famous see-through dress. In fact, in reality it was not so much a dress, more a shapeless tube of see-through black lace.

In the film, however, the dress gets a makeover with a ruched, fitted top.

What was wrong with the original design?

Shapeless it might have been but that was how it was.

Didn't it suit the girl playing her? Did the wardrobe department just lose the run of themselves?

Details like this matter to us purists.

Did they also use Spaniels as stand-ins for the Corgis?


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