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European Union getting Nobel Peace Prize lacks the X Factor

By Lindy McDowell

Congratulations to the EU which has won this year's Nobel Peace Prize. But an odd call surely, in anybody's book.

Wasn't there a person deemed worthy of peace-processing's major gong? One of those Greek cops for example, who held back baying protestors clad in Nazi uniforms during Angela Merkel's recent visit to Athens.

"Go home, you have made our lives hell," was one ringing cry of endorsement of EU sans-frontier fraternite.

A stirring image there, for the video montage during the Nobel presentation ceremony.

Needless to say the Twitter community has been indulging in considerable jocularity at the news.

Tellingly, tweets one, it's not the Nobel prize for economics ... . on the plus side the prize money comes in dollars not euros, posts another. And who gets to pick up the prize - Eurovision's Russian grannies?

Whoever gets to lift the gong, you can be sure you and I won't be getting a cut of the cash. Or any of the credit.

That will go to an institution or at best, the faceless bureaucrats who run it.

Surely the Nobel committee could have come up with better than this?

Last year Obama, this year Europe ...

You get the distinct, bleak impression the era of the genuine peace-maker is deemed at an end and the Nobel committee is now down to the sycophantic headline-grabbing process of targeting any oul contemporary icon with a degree of popular appeal and remote claim to achievement in the field of bridge-building.

Next year's Nobel Peace Prize - to be shared between Louis Walsh and Gary Barlow?


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