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Gordon makes a boob over biscuit choice

By Lindy McDowell

It has been a week of mishaps.

A beach ball scoring at the Liverpool game, Whitney's dress coming adrift on the X Factor, and Amy Winehouse (left) allegedly spending 35 grand on a boob job that makes no discernible difference to her cleavage.

All these trivial stories have though drawn attention from the really big issue of the day.

Why did it take Gordon Brown 24 hours before he was able to announce what his favourite biscuit was?

During an online interview Gord was asked this probing question no less than 12 times. Each time he changed the subject.

Next day he issued some waffly statement to the effect that he liked anything with chocolate on - but was trying to give them up.

Surely to God a biscuit - a biscuit! - does not require that much humming and hawing over.

And yes, it might seem a trivial matter.

But the Prime Minister's inability to make a quick choice in the biscuit tin is a reflection of the indecision and dithering that currently haunts Downing Street and the bigger more important questions of the day.

This is what's running the country. A scary thought - when the cookie crumbles.


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