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Gwyneth's outfit is too cheeky

Lindy McDowell

In the drive to keep the attention of the paps, Gwyneth Paltrow isn't all that different from any other celebrity really.

Maybe just a teensy bit more transparent.

She showed up the other evening at an event to promo her new movie wearing a strange dress with see-through side panels from hip to floor.

It was a fur-coat-and-no-knickers look.

Without the fur coat.

Needless to say Gwyneth, variously voted the world's most beautiful woman and also its most irritating, got all the exposure she craved.

Her bum is undeniably pert and photogenic.

But you just wonder if la Paltrow, otherwise known for her preachy blog, really wishes to be better known for her buttocks than her brains.

The dress wasn't even a lovely dress. If you could tear your eyes away from the viewing panels it was really quite frumpy. Not a patch on that beautiful, beautiful cream creation Tom Ford once put her in.

And why did the see-through side panels have an ugly great seam running down them?

More worrying though is the thought of how Gwyneth's red-carpet look will now filter down to the clubs.

Gwynnie in fairness, would look good in a sack without sides. The same sadly, can't be said for all.

But brace yourself in any case.

It could be a bum summer.

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